Axis Audio & Visual Alerts

Strobe Siren

(AXIS D4100-E Network Strobe Siren)

Deter intruders, improve operational efficiency, and do even more with the power of light and sound. With strobe lighting and siren alarms, this fully networked device warns and notifies to help solve multiple needs on your premises.


  • Light and sound in one IP-based device
  • Profiles with different priority levels
  • VAPIX®, MQTT and SIP integration
  • IP66, IK10, NEMA-4X rated casing
  • 5-year warranty
You want to prevent intrusion in your perimeter. Or signal access denied or granted at your parking area with a boom gate. We know people safety is your TOP priority. So in an emergency, you want to be able to signal if an area is safe to be in or not. With our AXIS D4100-E you can do all this, and much more. Through VAPIX, MQTT or SIP the device offers numerous integration possibilities. It can be connected to a camera with perimeter protection or license plate recognition (LPR) analytics. Or to an Axis network speaker for an increased level of deterrence. Thanks to MQTT, it can also be tied to third-party internet of things (IoT) systems!

Cost-efficient ownership

The AXIS D4100-E is cost-efficient to install, configure, and maintain. A strobe light and a siren in one device means you spend less time on installation, need fewer cables, mounting accessories, and PoE cuts your cabling costs even more.

The web-based interface allows device configuration and  deployment to others on the system. CSS scheduled health checks at your preferred frequency mean lower costs for on-site inspection. Plus, you’ll immediately be notified if something is wrong. You can depend on CSS for first-class quality, reliability, and support of your Axis system.

Multi-functional and versatile

You can customize our AXIS D4100-E for your unique environment, choosing from various white and RGBA light patterns and pre-configured sounds. For instance, in a hospital ward, you can trigger only the strobe light and not the alarm so as not to disturb the patients.

Create individual profiles with different priority levels. If triggered, the profile with a higher priority will override any active profile. This robust IP66-, NEMA-4X- and IK10-rated device also offers an optional sunshield for daytime outdoor use for areas with excessive sun or elemental exposure.

Mini Speaker

(AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker)

Speaker with wide-area coverage for voice messages

  • All-in-one speaker system
  • Connects to standard network
  • Simple installation with PoE
  • Remote health testing
  • PIR sensor for motion detection

All In-One Unit

No need for separate power amplifier and signal processor (DSP). Onboard memory supports pre-recorded messages or live time speech responses, and the pre-configured digital signal processing produces clear voice every time. The built-in microphone supports two-way communication allowing you to get an immediate responses, such as acknowledgement of your instructions, providing more info when needed, etc. and can be utilized for remote health testing of the speaker so you always know it’s working.

The AXIS C1410 plugs into standard IP network, so no need for special audio cables. Based on open standards, it’s easy to integrate with video management software (VMS), Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony (using SIP), and analytics from Axis and our partners. The AXIS Audio Manager Edge application is pre-installed on the C1410, letting you efficiently manage and control your audio system with functionalities like zone management and scheduling of content. If you need to coordinate audio across different sites, a standard version of our multisite management software is available.

Horn Speaker

(AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker)

Outdoor speaker for clear long-range speech

  • All-in-one speaker system
  • Connects to standard network
  • Simple installation with PoE
  • Remote health testing
  • Two input/outputs (GPIO)

Deter unwanted activity and warn off bad actors detected by your cameras with smart, easy-to-integrate AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker. Or use it to provide voice instructions. This rugged horn speaker is perfect for most outdoor environments in most climates. 

All In-One Unit

The AXIS C1310-E is an all-in-one unit with built-in power amplifier and signal processing (DSP). Pre-configured digital signal processing produces clear, understandable voice every time. Onboard memory supports pre-recorded voice messages. Or, security personal can respond to notifications or provide instructions with live speak. AXIS C1310-E also has a built-in microphone for remote health testing – so you always know it’s working.  

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