Hanwha AI Vision Series

Hanwha Vision Cameras Series AI Comparison

Learn about the unique AI offerings available on the P, X, and Q series cameras, harnessing the power of deep-learning and edge-based AI for a perfect fit to your surveillance needs. 


(X series 12 MP Sensor Al IR 360° Outdoor Fisheye Camera)

Wisent Fisheye cameras are a perfect solution for situational awareness for large areas where you need complete coverage with no blindspots. Easily dewarp the image on-the-fly while recording the tull fisheye image. No need to worry about a PT positioned in the wrong area! 

Product Specs: 

AI Engine for forensic search and analytic event false alert reduction

  • Classified object type: Person/Face/Vehicle/License plate
  • Support Detection Shot

3008 x 3008 resolution – 30fps

1.08mm Stereographic type lens – Enhanced resolution for the peripheral regions (187 X187°) with simple focus

Built-in IR for up coverage up to 42′ with Wise IR II multi-zone IR management

Triple Codec: H.265, H.264 and MJPEG multiple streaming

On board dewarping, Digital PTZ

Fisheye, Single panorama, Double panorama, Quad view

Multiple virtual channels tor easy dewarping views

WiseStream Ill compression technology

Extreme WDR by scene Analysis and Local contrast enhancement

Analytics Events Based on Al Engine:

  • Object detection (Person/Face/Vehicle/License Plate)
  • IVA (Virtual Line/Area, Enter/Exit, Loitering, Direction, Intrusion)

Analytics Events: Defocus detection, Motion detection, Tampering, Fog detection, Audio detection, Sound classification

Business Intelligence Based on Al engine: People counting, Queue management, Heatmap

Dual SD cards

Adjustable IR distance with WisePower: PoE+mode-13m. PoE mode-8m

Supports 12v DC


Direct connect female shielded RJ45 connector for easy installation without pigtail

USB & analog video output for easy installation

Hard-coated dome cover for durability

TPM 2.0 (FIPS 140-2 certified), Secure OS/boot/storage, Verified FW forger

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