Safe Monitoring

Our SECURAM Safe Monitor is a smart device placed inside your safe to track temperature, humidity, vibration, and motion.


With the SECURAM Guard App, keep an eye on the status of your valuables, customize your settings and choose who receives notifications. With the built-in vibration and light sensor, know when your safe is being accessed, or even tampered with.

The SECURAM Safe Monitor comes with two external Wi-Fi antenna options. One may be placed inside the safe, or the other may be routed to the outside of the safe for a robust and reliable connection.


Wi-Fi Connectivity
Light Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Battery or AC Power

ProLogic WebLink – Connected, Remote Management

Our ProLogic WebLink is a reliable, highly advanced safe lock system ideal for the most demanding commercial applications. A full-featured safe lock system that connects to your secure network for remote programming and lock management. All programming is completed via the WebLink software, including adding and deleting users remotely, setting up alerts, changing lock parameters. ProLogic WebLink provides email and SMS text message alerts to communicate security violations.

  • OLED Menu system guides the user through access and programming procedures.
  • Audit trail records are sent to the WebLink Remote Management Software instantly.
  • Every SECURAM lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.
  • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.


  • Remotely Programmable using WebLink software* & Wireless Access Point*
  • 99 User Codes and Super Code for lock set up
  • 8 Digit Code
  • 1000 Event Audit Trail, unlimited Audit Trail on software
  • Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1-15min
  • Time Delay Override Codes – assignable by user
  • Single or Dual Control Modes
  • Dual Manager Mode Group – Manager and Employee required to open
  • Auto DayLight Savings Time
  • Duress mode – alarm integration required with CB10-A
  • EntryPad can control up to 5 locks with programmable lock sequence
  • Recover System feature to reset the controller to factory default
  • Compatible with SECURAM WebLink Lock Bodies: SwingBolt (EL-0601-S-V2), DeadBolt (EL-0701-V2), SpringBolt (EL-0801-V2)
  • AC Power with Battery backup
  • Wireless Access Point required Part #WAP-20B*
+Required Accessories: CB20-1T6* or CB11-1T4*, AC/DC12*, WAP-20B*

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