Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD)


ROSA is a security supplemental device that includes critical autonomous responses to help simulate security personnel actions at a fraction of the cost. The device’s 180° field of view through dual hi-resolution, full-color, always-on digital cameras provide 24/7 visibility and monitoring. Like other RAD solutions, it only requires power as it includes all necessary communications hardware, including near Wi-Fi quality, enhanced cellular communications. ROSA’s AI-driven security analytics include human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, responsive digital signage and audio messaging, and complete integration with RAD’s software suite notification and response library.

ROSA is primarily used to recognize and deter common instances of trespassing, loitering and vagrancy which often lead to more serious crimes. The device’s continually active analytics – all built-in – create an alert based on the particular needs of the client and the time of day or day of the week. An internal countdown timer may be activated when ROSA detects a human, and if the identified person remains in view of the device beyond the established time, a visual alarm and audible alert is activated. Furthermore, an on-duty guard or remote monitoring officer would be notified of the incident and then could visually identify these suspicious individuals. Once identified, the guard could initiate an audio announcement through the ROSA device notifying them that they must leave, or the property would take appropriate further actions.

Example of ROSA’s autonomous response to detecting loitering.
  • True 180° Field of View
  • 2 digital cameras mounted underneath the unit
  • Human detection with autonomous response
  • Vehicle detection with  autonomous response
  • Perimeter intrusion detection, response and alerting
  • Audio intervention
  • Two-Way audio
  • Live stream to mobile app
  • Cellular optimized – no Wi-Fi required
  • No IT involvement needed for installation
  • Cloud served – no hardware at client site
  • 20+ days recording of all video
  • 1-year event recording in cloud
  • ‘Talk-Down’ audio – now louder than ever!
  • Neon changing per customer SOPs
  • LEDs changing on customer SOPs
  • Standard 110v power requirement
  • 15 minute deployment time


AVA is a compact and stanchion mountable unit that provides an edge-to-edge 180° field of vision with advanced access control over gates and other controlled points of entry.

As easy to install and scale as all RAD hardware, AVA deploys RAD’s innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication, and control.

AVA takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite providing an ideal solution for logistics and distribution centers, storage yards, parking structures and lots, corporate campuses; anywhere that increased visibility is needed at a fraction of the cost.​

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